E-Municipality Solution

E-Municipal Solution

With urban India contributing over portion of the nation’s GDP, redesigning framework and improving administration conveyance instruments in these ranges has turned into a need. To meet these objectives, the Government will supplant the more seasoned arrangement of nearby urban administration, which is ridden with arranging and operational insufficiencies, absence of brought together perspective of incomes, poor resource mapping and resistance. The present day frameworks will likewise evacuate insufficiencies in the regions of reserve administration, merchant/seller administration, open correspondence and mindfulness building.

Exact Automation and apply autonomy give a unified, end-to-end coordinated item, it enables city bodies to streamline organization and execution errands and meet the program’s administration level benchmarks for brilliance. Resource administration is made straightforward with exact land data and e-offering. The in-assembled Management Information System incredibly enhances directing overviews, planning and determining with effective work processes. The Suite permits a decentralized duty gathering framework to be set up for more prominent control and straightforwardness in communicating with merchants, among different advantages.

Product Highlights

  • GIS-based works management and e-tendering system
  • Portal and payment gateways
  • Local body tax administration with web-based, anytime, anywhere access
  • Property tax, water billing, local body tax and professional tax
  • Town planning and building plan approvals
  • Trade licenses and auditorium/municipal hall and advertisement rent management
  • Birth and death registrations
  • Health and solid waste management
  • Human resource management and payroll of municipal employees
  • Hospital and school management
  • GIS survey, GIS enabling for municipal linear assets, budgeting and forecasting
  • Data warehousing for analytics with state-level networking of local bodies
  • Citizen facility centre and vendor engagement