Project Estimate

Project Estimate

RFID Based Attendance

Biometric System

Our Biometric Security System provides an advanced level of security to the business by making sure that no unauthorized person can access the services which are not meant for them. Biometric Security Systems takes into account security features like facial recognition and fingerprint scanners to ensure the safety. Precise Automation and Robotics provides you with the best biometric security system to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your security and privacy.

Feature our RFID Biometric Security System:-

Biometric Security System involves identification and recognition methods for achieving key factors of security namely confidentiality, integrity and authentication.

These identification and recognition method may involve:

  • Facial Recognition
  • Iris/Retinal Recognition
  • Voice Recognition
  • Vein Recognition
  • DNA Recognition
  • Fingerprint Recognition

RFID Based Attendance System:-

Usually, in any institution, the crucial task of taking attendance is done manually by recording it in a register. This process is very time consuming and lacks accuracy, integrity and flexibility.

With the advancement of technology, we have achieved an elegant and efficient solution to the problem and it is the RFID Based Attendance System.

The RFIS Based Attendance System is very easy to use and it can be achieved through following procedure:-

  • First of all, each and every students/employee is given their unique RFID tag
  • Now the student/employee is supposed to place their RFIS tag near the reader and their attendance will be noted.

A RFID based attendance system consists of the following element:

  • RFID Reader
  • RFID Tag
  • LCD Display
  • Microcontroller Unit

What we do with our RFID Based System?

Do you also feel the need of security and safety? Well, we are there to help you! Our company develops biometric control software which will eliminate all badge readers and enforces operator authentication for proper identification. Biometric identifiers like fingerprints and retinas cannot be extracted or used by any unauthorized user.

Precise Automation and Robotics build fingerprint scanner software for identifying the user for authentication and integrity as it is biologically evident that different people possess different fingertip patterns. So now you have the key to all your privacy and not anyone else!

Our developers are painstakingly working on biometric identification device development to provide our customers the best services. We build some real good biometric identification devices that are very durable, reliable and affordable. We also accordingly build the biometric identification software that suits the best to the quality of the biometric identification device we build.

Precise Automaton and Robotics as a biometric access control system manufacturers are scaling the height of perfection in building some of the best biometric access control devices. We seek to achieve high goals for achieving the best services to our customers.