GIS and GPS Survey

GIS and GPS integrated Survey

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) gives a way to getting to, investigating and showing spatial Information in a profoundly precise and repeatable configuration. Our staff use GIS apparatuses to help asset administration and arranging forms that incorporate viewshed examination, limitations investigation, site reasonableness investigation, 3-D visual investigation, extraordinary status species studies, requirements and opportunity examinations, wetland depiction and natural surroundings protection arranging, CAD/GIS information combination and transformation, advanced mapping, consolidation of Google Earth/Sketch Up with GIS, and in addition executing the consistent coordination of GIS with tough field GPS innovation. The apparatuses are both useful and basic to deciding useful ways and plans to screen, oversee, and relieve ecological effects coming about because of usage of advancement ventures.

GPS consolidated with GIS gives a way to far reaching examination of ecological concerns and patterns that can be effectively perceived, broke down, checked, and mapped. Exact Automation has incorporated sub-meter GPS innovation for our staff’s utilization in field overviews and information gathering. Our experience incorporates mapping of organic assets, trustee office jurisdictional depictions, delicate species overviews, convention studies and field observing of reclamation and development locales.

GPS Surveying (Global Positioning System)

  • Precise Geodetic location
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • +/- 10 mm accuracy
  • Wetland boundary location
  • Property boundary location
  • Forestry cover type location

GIS (Geographical Information System)

  • Creation of digital coverage information to display land features
  • Database creation, integration and maintenance
  • Topological map overlay
  • Land buffer creation
  • AutoCAD GIS coverage creation
  • Cartographic map creation
  • Raster interpretation
  • Map Projection conversions