Inventory Management

Inventory Management Solution

Perfect Asset Management Solution that helps you to track, control and audit the real time mapping of your asset inventory. It is prolifically designed to provide accurate specifications and detailed information about complete lifecycle management of your assets, from procurement to disposal, history of ownership, deployment, repair, maintenance and cost of acquisition & up-gradation.A Document Management Software is a PC program used to store, oversee and track electronic archives and electronic pictures of paper based data caught using a report scanner.

Our Document Management Software is an administration arrangement that enables organizations to control the generation, stockpiling, administration and dispersion of electronic reports, yielding more prominent viability and the capacity to reuse data and to control the stream of the archives.

What’s More

  • User Friendly Interface and navigation.
  • Dashboards defined by User / User group
  • Logical display & access through working Menu
  • Summary / History tabs on working screen
  • Customized Periodic Reports for management Information
  • Auto Alert on start and completion of process
  • Efficiently manages multi-location, multiple branch business setups
  • Easy Search Options , Sort Options & Page view Options
  • Logical display & access through working Menu
  • Secured Access and Data backup facility
  • Easy Printing Options- Work orders/ Purchase Orders on customized Company Letter Heads / standard format.
  • Export to PDF/ Excel & Email options for Report / print documents